Driver supply issues force consolidation of routes

Parents will be aware of the ongoing driver shortage that has been affecting our school bus services for the past year or more. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic swept through New Zealand, bus operators around New Zealand have faced increased challenges in recruiting and retaining drivers.

As a result of this ongoing problem. the Network has been forced to consolidate two of the routes that provide a service to Matarau families. This is in addition to the existing consolidation of routes at Hukerenui. The Network hopes that this is very much a temporary solution that will be resolved once Ritchie’s is able to recruit more drivers. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming a school bus driver, please make direct contact with Ritchies here.

Parents can find information about the revised route times by clicking on the links below. Parents should please note that there is always a chance of teething problems when making changes like this, so parents should be ready and waiting five to ten minutes before the advertised time. Parents should also wait with their children and see them safely onto the school bus.

Matarau South – Church, Three Mile Bush, Pipiwai, Attwood, Knight Roads

Matarau North – Rushbrook, Heaton, Swamp, Otakirangi Roads

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we deal with what we expect will be a temporary problem. For more information, please contact EasyBus directly by clicking here.