Route times are changing in 2023

In 2021 the Network began a process of modifying route start times for the bus routes travelling from the area north of Kamo. This process was put on hold as service challenges arose due to driver supply issues in the school bus industry.
These changes are primarily brought about by the need to ensure that the Network acts according to the agreement between the Network and the Ministry of Education. One of the key requirements of that agreement is the eligible students (those travelling to the nearest school they can enrol at) are not disadvantaged by the addition of ineligible students to the bus route. In practical terms, secondary students attending Kamo High School are required to start earlier so that students attending other schools can meet connecting bus services. This is against the requirements of the agreement.
The need to make these changes has previousy been signalled to the schools with ineligible students using the Network’s bus services. Communications around this have been ongoing since since the middle of 2021.
From the beginning of 2023 there will be changes to route times for most bus routes. You can find route times by visiting the Network’s website: If you have any questions or comments about the new times, you can find contact information on our site.